Our Brands


FIND KAPOOR is a brand created out of pure artistic architectural spirit with the goal to blend beauty into daily lifestyles. We explore into the fundamental elements of fashion and communicate with the world through the innate values we have found in trends and classics. We view ourselves as a bridge that connects fashion, life […]


R-Y is a unisex brand that breaks down the boundary between high society and subcultures and presents new styles based on unique identity, mix-and-match and sophisticated artistry. We discover new fashion possibilities in young people’s lifestyles and offer them high-street fashion collections that design their new cultures.


BLUR, whose definition is ‘to make unclear or less distinct’, was launched in 2018 to blur out each boundary of culture, art, and fashion to unit them as one. 1.0, meaning its software version, implies potential and possibility of BLUR throughout the trials and growth toward perfection. Also we proudly present essential items and wearable […]


Featuring a unique engraved number on every single design, Numbering aspires for contemporary and functional but sophisticated jewelry. Committed to offer an assortment of collection that speaks not only for fashion but also for entire lifestyle, the label promises to create unique pieces that the wearer can be proud to own.