About Us

A company that creates cultural values as an essential aspect of fashion

Platon Ventures aims to create cultural values as an essential aspect of fashion. We are not satisfied with being just a brand but instead prepare ourselves as the leader of new cultural and artistic value paradigm by exploring into our own strengths and willingly accepting challenges. We combine our traditional craftsmanship with foresight into the future, which will lead us to creation of values that are loved by people of all generations. Step by step, we hope to be on the path to being a world-leading fashion house.

Platon Ventures is also keen about discovering the values that are fundamental to fashion and that stand the test of time amid fast-changing market trends. Our foremost interest is customers’ way of life and, therefore, we seek to find universality and diversity in people’s lifestyles. Our ideas begin from customer needs and end with customer satisfaction. For us, even the smallest idea opens way to hard work and positive changes. We see ourselves as becoming a new pillar in the fashion industry someday.

Platon Ventures cares not only about business growth but each individual employee that comprises our organization. These individuals’ growths are invaluable assets to the company that lead to overall business growth. We know that the higher their satisfaction is, the stronger the passion will be. That is why witnessing growth of the company is indeed a joy to all of us at Platon Ventures.

Brand Creation

Providing values of life and beauty Leader of new culture

Platon Ventures develops its identity with creators who love fashion, arts and cultural contents. The inspirations that these creators get are reflected in our brand’s character and are transformed to become one that provides new values of life and beauty and leads a new culture. 


Blending elements of beauty into daily lifestyles

Platon Ventures is active at the forefront of fashion trends shaping people’s lifestyles and we let elements of beauty blend into our works. Furthermore, we strive to  become a global company that leads the next paradigm of the fashion industry. 


All-time global fashion leader

Platon Ventures shapes and leads fresh trends in global fashion by ceaselessly studying and creating works and brand character. We also continue to search for talents and develop effective systems to establish a high-quality brand value and culture. 



A talent of creative thoughts and actions

A talent that sets trends
A talent that can view problems from a different angle and suggest different solutions
A talent that is ahead of others in thoughts and actions


A talent of kind heart and upright character

A talent of integrity and honesty
A talent who is willing to examine oneself
A talent who cares about others


A passionate talent

A talent that is passionate about one’s work
A talent that develops one’s own worth
A talent who defines one’s own happiness