Find Kapoor has officially unveiled an AD campaign with Han Ji Hyun, the role of Joo Seok Kyung in The Penthouse.

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– The MZ generation’s new fashion icon, Han Ji Hyun, was selected as the new ambassador for Find Kapoor.

– Perfectly matches with Find Kapoor’s brand personality with a fierce and confident look

– Han Ji Hyun radiates the charm with no limits through the Find Kapoor AD campaign

– Introducing the first FKR new capsule collection of mini bag styles inspired by the new normal era


Global fashion brand ‘Find Kapoor’ has officially unveiled an AD campaign with unique aesthetics in conjunction with the actress Han Ji Hyun, who gives a strong impression as the role of Joo Seok Kyung in the SBS drama ‘The Penthouse’ series. The actress Han Ji Hyun, who has become a rising star with her outstanding acting skills and bold fashion style in ‘The Penthouse’ series, took off acting the role of Joo Seok Kyung and radiated Han Ji Hyun’s unique color and energy in the new editorial with Find Kapoor.


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Chiara Ferragni, Olivia Palermo, Aimee Song, Caroline Daur, Maria Bernad, Linda Tol, and many other top-tier international fashion influencers have chosen Find Kapoor as their favorite fashion brand and has drawn much attention in the overseas market. Find Kapoor, the brand pioneer of new trends has announced “Han Ji-hyun” as their new ambassador. Han Ji Hyun is an actress with a unique charm that cannot be defined by any modifiers As Han is an icon of the MZ generation, she has been selected as Find Kapoor’s new ambassador. The ‘Gen Z Icon’ Ad campaign with Han Ji Hyun presents a variety of unique handbag stylings for the MZ generation with bold tone and manners.

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In the new AD campaign with Han Ji Hyun, Find Kapoor presents the signature Pingo Bag and the S/S 21’ Women’s Iconic Item ‘Melar bag’ with elevated trendy visuals. The brand also showcased the NNM#1 (New Normal Mini-Collection #1) capsule collection in May with a variety of colorful handbag styles that are suitable for the new summer season.

The Penny bag in the Find Kapoor capsule collection editorial with Han Ji Hyun stands out with a sophisticated mood and a sense of color in its round-shaped mini size. In addition, Find Kapoor introduced various styles of new items such as a ‘Tini Bag’ with a compact mini-sized design and a ‘Mellow Bag’ with a soft-volume detail as well as its own practicality and trendy sensibility.

According to the leadership from Find Kapoor, “I am looking forward to seeing what kind of synergy we will create in the future after working together with Han Ji Hyun who owns such confident attitude of the MZ generation that meets Find Kapoor’s creative fashion world.”


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Find Kapoor’s featured products in the editorial with Han Ji Hyun can be found in domestic offline stores and on the official online website.


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