Fashion brand FIND KAPOOR launches new premium collection

High-quality fashion brand unveiled its new collection line. The collection can be defined as a lyrical and poetic understanding of a subtle encounter between fashion and art. Being the third premium lineup of FIND KAPOOR’s bag collection, it applied premium, high-quality leather, giving a boost to the brand’s value.

Three lineups of the collection are a perfect harmony between chic silhouette and delicate details. FIND KAPOOR has reinvented and reworked the classic to serve up the brand’s unique style with an aim to lend a timeless piece to modern women.

Cream Combination bag from the Collection 02 is a truly artistic piece that gracefully balances the color and silhouette. The color combination between the cream and black body, and the brown strap hits a perfect note, immediately giving a thrust to wearer’s style. Python Mustard bag of Collection 03 is the last word on trendiness as the entire body embraces python pattern.



Python pattern may look too fierce, but it has been rather successfully wound down with an elegant silhouette and real leather, giving birth to a perfect modern and sophisticated design. Collection 04 comes in two colors – check brown and black. There are no fancy, sparkling ornaments attached to the bag, but the leather and pattern speak for itself.

The collection bags cannot be discussed without talking about its styling possibilities that goes easily with any and every outfit. Whether it be modern, feminine or casual, whichever items you point out for the day, the bag is always in style.

The new FIND KAPOOR’s collection is a flawless mixture of classic, modern, luxury and elegance. The brand’s identity has been subtly but successfully revealed through the bags that remind us of an exclusive art piece. Needless to say, the real leather added another push to its already high quality. Meet the new bags both online and offline including official website, main branch of Lotte and Shinsegae department store, and other duty-free shops.


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By Im So-Ra


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