BEAKER unveils exceptional designer brand BLUR 1.0

Get your coins ready because, for the first time in a long time, we are witnessing the birth of exciting designer brand. Its name is BLUR 1.0, directed by Jeon Seung-Hyeok who has developed his unique design philosophy and also knows how to sell commercial products well.

BLUR 1.0 offers a slew of collection that is unique in color but definitely wearable. Ranging from boucle jacket and pullovers to bags with a color combination of green and black, all items are refreshing. Intrigued by these original items, Samsung C&T’s select shop BEAKER has made a spot for the brand at the center of its Chungdam store until October 17th.



As the name speaks for itself, BLUR, which launched in 2018, aims to “blur” the boundaries of culture, art and fashion and put all of them into one piece. Number “1.0” – easily seen from software versions – illustrates the potential and opportunities for the brand until it reaches the status of perfection through various experiments and growth. Designer Jeon waved the starting flag at this Fall/Winter season for his full-fledged journey. Currently operating only in Beaker and its official website, he is perpetually being wooed by many other online stockists.

As represented from the brand’s philosophy of blurring the boundaries, BLUR 1.0 has a myriad of unisex items targeting both men and women. Mini-bag in particular, whose popularity was not so difficult to expect – made female shoppers easily open their wallets. This year’s trending fleece items are also rising high on demand. The quality of tailored coats and shirts even outdo some of the professional menswear brands

Director Jeon said, “I greatly appreciate all the support and passion towards our brand, which just started the journey this season, and I definitely want to live up to our customer’s expectation by growing our business into a sensational brand with one-of-a-kind and unparalleled designs.”

Meanwhile, the designer collaborated with artist Jung Grim, who graduated one of the renowned French design school, for the pop-up at BEAKER which will be held until the 17th. Visit the store for installation objet work specially created in collaboration with Jung Grim



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