Jewelry Brand NUMBERING (NMBR) reveals its FW19 Urban Retro Collection on its website

Contemporary jewelry brand NUMBERING dropped its Fall/Winter 2019 collection on its official website today. 

As a brand that pursues a delicate balance between structural shape and function, backed by modern and classy design, NUMBERING is dedicated to offer its jewelry pieces for people with unwavering definition of beauty and fiercely charming attitude. 

In its Fall/Winter 2019 collection, the brand opted for a concept of Urban Retro and gave a retro style from the 80s a modern touch using the season’s main color, metallic gold.

“A proportional interplay between the volume and the length that the brand’s iconic ball ornaments and chunky chains bring to the table definitely serves up various styling options”, said an official from NUMBERING and added that “one thing to highlight from this season’s collection is the details of the lineup which are bold but wearable, and simple but sophisticated.”

In addition to that, the official commented that “NUMBERING has successfully reinvented its lineup every season, lending a cool and distinct styles which have never been attempted by any other brands”, and further noted that “the brand, in order to fully reflect the brand’s identity into its lineup, instead of simply jewelry pieces, is bringing forward high quality visual projects by leveraging a number of conceptual clothes and different venues.”



By Lee Young-Doo from Ilgan Today

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