Berlin falls in love with Cha, Jung-won and her beauty. Here are her summer bag styling tips

Actress, Cha Jung-won has stunned all of us with her sparkling charms in the summer photoshoot.

The actress – often named by many women as their style role model – rocked a trendy summer look in a photoshoot with a fashion magazine Nylon. Taken at the exotic streets of Berlin, Germany, she showed us full-fledged summer vibe with her freshness. What kept our eyes glued to was FIND KAPOOR’s bags, with which the actress enjoyed a slew of styling changes.

Matching FIND KAPOOR’s mini Boston bag decorated with dangling logo charms to her plaid bustier and a pants, Cha Jung-won captivated the audiences with her bubbly charms and a sought-after fashion style for this summer. In another look, she pulled off a drop-dead gorgeous look with a ball flap bag matched to her flower-patterned dress. All of the FIND KAPOOR’s new collections featured in the photoshoot are set to be launched soon.

The actress also took out a Three bag to add a finishing touch to her cheerful outfit in a romantic pink dress. Made up of a flat pouch, coin and card purse, Three bag exhibits a bold interplay of diverse colors, allowing for a different styling possibilities. For a beige outfit, she wore a Fana Pingo bag that boasts various color combination, suggesting a totally different chic and elegant summer fashion.

Meanwhile, Cha Jung-won graced the photoshoot scene, flaunting its head-to-toe goddess aura and professionalism.
Looked regal

Find out more of her dazzling photos in August issue of Nylon.



By Park Ji-ae from Fashion Webzine Snapp

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