Kim Yoo-jung walking a fine line between a little doll and a woman

See how Actress Kim Yu-jung rocked a photoshoot with her ultra-adorable energy.

The actress flew over to Macau this time and masterfully slayed the photoshoot, walking a fine line between young and cute, and all-grown-up. From the start to finish, the actress knew how to enjoy an exotic ambience and work her style to throw an epic look.

In the photos, Kim finished off her refreshing summer look with a FIND KAPOOR’s Fana bag, adding a little more edge. Fana bag is slightly taller than FIND KAPOOR’s signature Pingo bag and its combination of colors at the front is truly eye-grabbing.
In another look, the actress put on a matching blue top and a skirt and topped it off with a cutesy Mini Pingo bag, bringing out her age-appropriate girly look. The studded design of Mini Pingo bag makes the bag definitely the right pick for putting a trendy accent on any look.
Meanwhile, Kim Yoo-jung kept the team in the uplifting mood throughout the photoshoot with her undeniably sweet and positive energy.


By Lee Jun-hyun, Entertainments

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