Cha Jung-won aces a natural-but-polished airport style

Cha Jung-won, one of the most beloved fashion icons in Korea, just offered an expert lesson in airport fashion styling.
The actress stepped in at Incheon Airport on the 19th, heading to Berlin, Germany for a photoshoot with a fashion magazine. Cha Jung-won showcased how to pull off an airport outfit masterfully by wearing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and accentuating her look with a bag whose strap stands out.

Livening up the atmosphere with a breath of fresh air in the form of a lavender t-shirt and jeans, the actress took her look up a notch with FIND KAPOOR’s new Pingo bag accented with a unique strap. FIND KAPOOR’s bag is undeniably one of her recent favorite as she was spotted with the bag on numerous occasions. Making in-flight fashion look effortless and topping off her look with a trending item, she definitely proved that she has a killer style.

Meanwhile, FIND KAPOOR’s new Pingo bag, worn by the actress, features a perfect combination between a bright colored body and a lettering strap. Eye-catching bright colors – pink, coral and yellow – are no doubt an accent to your mundane daily look, instantly elevating your styling score.


By Kim Min-kyung, Korea Sports Biz

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