Fashion brand FIND KAPOOR opens a pop-up store at Le Bon Marché in Paris

High-quality fashion brand FIND KAPOOR debuted a pop-up store on the first floor of Le Bon Marché – a Paris based high-end department store well known for its picky selection of brands – on November 2.

FIND KAPOOR, upon its successful debut into Paris, France – a hallowed ground for fashion – won the hearts of Parisians as soon as it set foot into French luxury department store Le Bon Marché. The enormous popularity enjoyed by FIND KAPOOR’s signature Pingo bag’s home and abroad has also continued in Paris. With the launch of its pop-up store, the brand has committed to vie with other designer brands and speakv to the hearts of European style aficionados dropping by Le Bon Marché as well as global tourists visiting France for a shopping spree.

“Upon the opening of a pop-up store, Pingo bag definitely gripped Parisians with its sensuous design. We are hoping that this can serve as a gateway to European market and an opportunity to showcase our reputation as a global brand”, said an official of FIND KAPOOR.

Becoming known as an everyday go-to bag to a number of celebrities’ home and abroad, FIND KAPOOR has settled as one of the most trending fashion brands in 2018 just two years into its official launching.



By Choi Yong-Seok,

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