FIND KAPOOR Mesmerizing New York, Milan and London.

“FIND KAPOOR” has conquered New York, Milan, and London streets during 2019 S/S Fashion Week.

FIND KAPOOR bags caught fashion people’s attention during 2019 S/S Fashion Week, which lasted for one month starting from last September in New York.

With a variety of elegant and leading stylings being spotted in the venue of the Fashion Week packed with models and fashion influencers, Pingo bag, a signature item of FIND KAPOOR, caught a spotlight among street looks during 2019 Fashion Week over other luxury brands, such as Gucci, Céline, and Balenciaga.  

The Pingo bag of FIND KAPOOR is characterized with a modernized and chic design in pop color. Many celebrities and influencers all around the world are loving Pingo bag for its lightness, practicality and durability as well. 

In London Fashion Week, blogger Gabriella Berdugo paired a lavender-combination Pingo bag with a feminine check suit, flaunting a cool and chic style in the streets of London. Highly received by fashion people, her trendy styling was featured in one of the world top fashion magazines, Vogue. 

Pingo bag was definitely the fashion item of choice for many other influencers as well, including creator Karolina and fashion model Alicja Tubilewicz, in the Fashion Week all around the world.

At a time when the fashion industry is rapidly changing, FIND KAPOOR has become one of the trendiest bag brands in the matter of two years since its very first debut as beloved by international as well as Korean fashion people. [Sports chosun]

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