Find Kapoor, the brand that has swept the market.

Find Kapoor, the brand that has swept the market each season with its luxurious brand image and colors, released their newly designed models this July. New Color Pingo bags, Flat Pingo bags, Pingo Pouch, and New Boston Bags are their new products. 

Worthy of the title, Global ‘it’ brand, Find Kapoor is attracting popularity among people in the fashion industry and famous celebrities, both in and out of Korea. Global celebrities such as the Gossip Girl’s real life model Olivia Palermo, Fashion Blogger Aimee Song, Global Fashion Designer Chiara Ferragni, and Korean pop stars and actresses such as Sarang Kim, Boa Jo, Twice, Huijae Kang, Taeyoung Sohn, AOA, Girl’s Generation, and IOI, often use Find Kapoor’s products as one of their favorite items. 

The Flat Pingo bag, distinct from the original Pingo bag with its clutch-like shape, comes in minimal size with unique colors, and has embraced the ‘SELECT YOUR STRAP’ concept of the brand that provides diverse options for styling by mix-matching the Pingo straps. The company explains that the Pingo Pouch, with its compact size, is meant customers who carry their make-ups in their bag, and with the hand-strap, embraces both comfortability and Find Kapoor’s unique style. The Boston Bag, in addition to its four original colors of yellow, green, coral, and black, will come in two additional colors of chocolate-brown and khaki, and the sizing options will also be expanded from two to three. 

The subdivision of sizing and diversification of colors are meant to capture a greater number of customer’s each and unique taste for style, and with the combination of softer colors and bright eye-catching colors, the bag could go along with a wider range of looks, from beach-side vacation-looks to office-looks. The brand manager told that “We’ve put much effort into coming up with new designs that could achieve both luxurious style and comfortability, and finally ended up with our new products to deliver Find Kapoor’s own and unique details and colors.”

Meanwhile, under the concept of fashion blended with fine arts, Find Kapoor has been loved by much customers for its unique colors, and all of its products are processed under the hands of experienced artisans. Also, the brand is renowned for delivering well-made products with high quality that are self-inspected by the company headquarters immediately after manufacture, for even the slightest details. 

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