The paparazzi cut for HyunA

The paparazzi cut for HyunA, a K-pop fashion icon, has recently been released.
Fashion magazine Grazia has leaked HyunA’s paparazzi cut through its official Instagram account. In the picture, she is taking a charismatic pose by a railroad track in LA, where she visited for the photo shoot. With nothing more than just a simple t-shirt and a pair of leather pants, Hyunah easily presents a trendy but unique fashion style.

The t-shirt she is wearing is from the brand ‘R to Y’, characterized by a simple design blended with stylish logo plays. The Pingo bag from ‘Find Kapoor’, matched with the t-shirt as a point item, can be styled in a variety of ways through using different straps interchangeably for diverse colors and styles. Hyunah’s fashion pictorial will be available on Grazia’s upcoming September edition.
[dailian = spotnews team]

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